The details provide the names of instructors who offer a Nordic walking class and/or private lessons. Please use at your own discretion. These instructors have completed at least one diploma in fitness and Nordic walking, but posting their services is not considered an endorsement by iZarin.

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American Nordic Walking Association

The only independent organisation promoting Nordic walking in NA. Find a Nordic walking class, walk or instructor near you today.


The International Nordic Walking Federation is the global governing body that promotes Nordic walking. Here you can find events happening internationally.


Natural Trekking

Operates in North Vancouver, BC, Canada, offering year round tours.

Custom Fit

Explore the city’s most beautiful and traffic-free paths to begin your walking.

Get Fit Personal Training

Classes run by a certified personal trainer of the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology, based in Edmonton, AB.


MelioGuide Physiotherapy is an Ottawa Physiotherapy clinic that provides osteoporosis exercise programs, as well as Nordic walking classes and more.

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